• Edward "Eddie" Thomas, played by Orlando Brown, Aged 14-15 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3), 17-18 (Season 4). He is Raven's male best friend. He is an aspiring rapper, and is a guard on the school basketball team. He is like a "big brother" to Cory Baxter. He briefly attempts to start a romantic relationship with Raven and is shown in 2 visions to be Raven's future husband. Occasionally, he says "Told ya! Told ya twice!" after he tells Raven not to do something that they knew she would do. Another common catch phrase of his is "Holla!" after he finishes talking to his friends or girls that he likes. His parents are divorced, which is mentioned several times throughout the series. was one of Raven Baxter's best friends during her stay at Bayside High School.