Edwin Venturi is a fictional character from Life with Derek, played by Canadian actor Daniel Magder. Life with Derek is a Canadian-produced show, which airs on Disney Channel in the U.S., the Family Channel in Canada, and Toonami in UK.



Edwin Venturi is Derek and Marti's 13-year old brother, and Casey and Lizzie's new stepbrother. His father is George Venturi and his stepmother is Nora MacDonald. His birth mother's name is Abby Venturi, who so far has only appeared in the episode "Adios Derek". Edwin is a typical 13 year old: he enjoys pranking his stepsister Lizzie (though relatively few times), is a devoted follower of video-games (particularly Babe Raider, which, at first glance is a sexist game), idolizes his older brother Derek, and usually doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. He is known to be stealthy, and usually does anything Derek asks him to do. He generally attempts to emulate his older brother Derek, perceiving him as cool. He is also known to have a severe case of foot odor.

Even though trying to be like his brother, the arrival of another kid almost his age (Lizzie) has changed him. He is not as obedient to Derek as before and often betrays him only to beg for mercy later (though, in the episode "Fright Night", he chooses to help Derek and double cross Casey and Lizzie). Edwin has also demonstrated an understanding of higher mathematics well beyond the abilities of an average 13 year old, as in the episode "All Systems No Go" where he shows an understanding of chaos theory. He once had a crush on a "developed" girl. It is also revealed that he is afraid of mice just as Derek and George are. It is also said that Edwin is relatively weak, lacking muscular endurance. This makes him an easy target for being bullied by Derek and tough kids at school, for he was once bullied by a child at his school named Ronnie. He is also friends with a boy named Teddy.

Edwin's various hobbies and skills include stand-up comedy, creating psychology experiments with Lizzie, dancing, rapping, and occasionally cooking, such as in the episode "The Wedding", where he and Lizzie baked a cake.

Edwin once dated a girl named Michelle, but she often misunderstood and got offended by Edwin's intentions due to him taking advice from Derek and "playing it cool", ultimately getting so offended she canceled their date. At that point Edwin got fed up and stopped taking Derek's advice, telling him that "playing it cool" didn't work, and began to take advice from Lizzie instead.He later gets dumped by her since she finds a "gletcher archer" In the episode "Futuritis" he got suspended before going to high school.