George is a legal aid lawyer. George is a laid-back kind of guy and plays guitar and does home renovation, both fairly badly. He also likes to joke around, cook, and watch sports on TV with his sons. He is an abysmal driver, and his license is briefly suspended. He is quite messy and disorganized, but somehow manages to keep track of everything without any "structure", which is what the McDonalds rely on, especially Casey.

Prior to marrying Nora, George raised his three children; Derek, Edwin and Marti, on his own. It is unknown why he is no longer with his first wife or why he has permanent custody over the kids, but his first wife's name was Abby. Because of his surname, it is insinuated that George and his three children, Derek, Edwin and Marti are of Italian descent.

In the episode "Prank Wars", it is revealed that George was a master prankster in high school, a trait that his three children also have. George, laid-back as he may be, can occasionally get freaked out and yell, but only when things are truly wild in the McDonald-Venturi household. (An example of this was when his new car got dented, and when their relationship with their next door neighbours was on the verge of breaking). George's sense of humor often gets him in trouble with Nora, but by the end of the episode they usually make up.

Because George is the more laid-back parent, Casey trusts him to confide her secrets in when she's truly done something wrong, knowing he won't freak out like Nora may. He is very understanding and is highly trusted by the children. George also tends to worry about Derek sometimes, but does a good job of concealing his concern for his behaviour. He wishes Derek would come to him with his problems more (mostly academically), but helps him out a lot when he does ask, despite not being very strong in those areas himself, admitting he doesn't know any biology.