Newton "Newt" Livingston III (Jason Dolley) is 16 and the son of a senator and the Chief Justice, he is the best friend of Meena Paroom and Cory Baxter. He is a bit clueless and he loves rock and roll. He also has some similar characteristics as Raven's friend Chelsea Daniels, and Cory's friend Larry. He loves to say, "Awesome!" at something that is not really 'awesome', like when the school students were getting flu shots. Somehow, he is not smart enough to figure out obvious things, yet he has the knowledge to solve confusing things. He plays the guitar (his favorite being a Squier Stratocaster) , and is part of DC3. He also knows about Cory's crush on Meena. He appears to use jeans and chains whenever he is not in any particular costume. He is funny and immature. Sophie once had a crush on him. He is like Chelsea because he doesn't really notice the obvious and is really friendly. He supposedly has the "Livingston Curse" meaning that whenever he runs for something(mainly student body president) it's impossible to lose. He also hates the idea of running for student body president, as he doesn't think he'll make a good leader, and it would totally throw off his care free life style, despite his parent's wanting him to.Even worseis that if he did run for student body president he says he would win even though he wouldn't try thanks to "the livingston curse" a curse meaning that a Livingston will win no matter what(though many people would take that as a blessing). Between his parents, his fear of leadership, and the Livingston Curse, Newt has been forced (though he enjoys it) to make up excuses for his parents as to why he can't run for student body president, naming the day of the year he makes them up "Excuse Day". His latest excuse was to fake having been attacked by a porcupine, rigging his shirt to shoot water out of holes when he drank water. It didn't work as his father had been attacked by a porcupine, and to Newt's "surprise" the water shooting thing didn't really happen. His guitar is a Cherry Flaming Red Fender that is tuned for rock 'n roll.