Divorced for five years from a successful corporate lawyer, Nora has never really cared that much about material possessions anyway. Prior to her marriage to George, Nora raised her two daughters, Casey and Lizzie, on her own.

Nora is a partner in a firm that specializes in window coverings. When Nora goes to work she looks very professional and put together which is a contrast to her at-home style which more relaxed. She adores her new husband though sometimes finds his refusal to take things seriously exasperating.

Nora is a businesswoman in her own right, and a feminist who believes in raising strong daughters - although she got a bit more than she bargained for with Casey. At one point she becomes guilty of not being home due to her job and decides to become "super-mom", organizing the funfair at Casey's high school.

Because of her surname, it is insinuated that Nora and her daughters, Casey and Lizzie are of Scottish or Irish descent.

Nora is a hard worker like her two daughters and is very independent and organized, although when she first moves into the Venturi home she gets a bit messy (which Casey helps her overcome). She is generally calm, but she can stress out occasionally like Casey and work overnight, shown when she was working on the funfair. It is implied that she is a clean freak; she hates when the living room is a mess and whenever she and George go away she worries that Casey and Derek may mess up the house during one of their fights. Also, she is shown to care very deeply about her plants.

Nora is shown to experience extreme growing pains and trust issues, and worries way too much, as shown in the episode "Truman's Last Chance," when she assigns Derek and Edwin as chaperones to their respective stepsisters' dates.

At the end of Surprise it is announced that Nora is pregnant.