Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) is the 8-year-old daughter of President Martinez. She is known as "America's Angel" to which she responds with "That's what they call me!" She is first seen as cute and precious, but later we see her as clever, sneaky, and conniving. She likes to bother Cory, and drags him into doing things he really doesn't want to do like dress up, tea parties, and playing girly or childish board games, usually giving him sass or backtalk. Cory sometimes uses her for his own advantages in return which she ends up finding out and uses against him. They end up resolving their situation at the end of each episode having more respect for each other with the help of Chef Victor, Cory's father. According to a line in the episode Mall of Confusion, Sophie and her family are from Sacramento, California. In the Wish Gone Amiss special (During the "Cory's Wish" scene), she was the main antagonist because Cory was always shirking his responsibilities. Sophie is similar to Stanley in That's So Raven, as they both get on Cory's LAST nerves and they both get him into trouble. In one episode, she got grounded because she and her friend Tanisha were dressed inappropriate at Haley's birthday party, and in another, she blackmailed Cory.