• Victor Baxter, played by Rondell Sheridan, is the father of Raven and Cory. He starts out as a chef in a restaurant, but he later opens his own restaurant: The Chill Grill. His biggest rival is Leonard Stevenson. In Cory in the House, he gets a job as the President's chef and it is unknown what became of his restaurant but it is likely still owned by Victor Baxter but run by another person. His catch phrases are "Here comes the pain!" and ""I'll go pack!" in Cory In The House
  • Victor Baxter' was the professional chef father of psychic Raven Baxter.
  • ictor was on his high school football team, but was cut before the championship game. He them spent his time with his mother, where he discovered his love of cooking.
  • ater, he attended cooking school, where he began a rivalry with Leonard Stevenson and won the nickanme "Butter fingers". He and Leonard went against each other for the title of best cook in the class. Leonard flipped his fish twice. Victor attempted to match him, but his fish landed on another student's head.